منطربم طرب منم زهره زند نوای من عشق میان عاشقان شیوه کند برای من *** I am Tarab, the beat and the rhythm of this […]


In this moment, I am entwined in the vine of love In this moment I have abandoned care for consequence Oh humans, I’m no longer […]

This is How it Works

I was dead and I became alive I was tears and I became laughter The reign of love began and I became eternal This is […]

Be Silent

Last night I became mad. Love saw me and said: I am here. Don’t shout, don’t wail.  Just be silent! Don’t talk about the mundane, […]

The Song of the Reed

Listen to the story of the reed As it laments the pain of separation: Since they have cut me from my reed bed My wails […]

The only way to get drunk

You have opened your door to this ecstatic peasant Now I can drink the eternal wine From your divine cup I am the madman, Majnoon, […]

Song of Tahireh

If, per chance, I were to catch a glimpse of the radiance of your face my sorrows would have no choice but to stumble into the […]