A Girl Called Rumi

Debut Novel

A Girl Called Rumi is a magical journey to a world of mystical delights, enchantment, and revelation. It’s a page-turner that goes deep into the nature of reality beyond perception.”
―Deepak Chopra, MD

Dance for Freedom

Let our bodies dance for those who are not allowed to dance just as our voices amplify their cries for freedom. 

Rumi's Gift

For hundreds of years, the alchemy of Rumi’s words have transformed world views and changed lives. Now, let Rumi take you on an inner adventure of beauty and radiance where assumptions lose their hold.

Drop Poems Not Bombs

In response to the rising tensions between the governments of Iran and the US, these remarkable Americans have learned a verse of Rumi in Persian and have put it to music. This is their love letter to the people of Iran. Check out the music and stories of Americans who’d rather build bridges, not walls. Welcome to Drop Poems Not Bombs!


Building Bridges through the Enchanted Medium of Poetry

Rumi Poem: Freedom

In this moment, I am entwined in the vine of love In this moment I have abandoned care for consequence Oh humans, I’m no longer one of you The bravest men won’t dare come near my heart Mad men run away at the sight of my passion I make love to death Nothingness is my...

We Couldn’t Sing. We Couldn’t Dance

The happiest moment of my life occurred on the day I held in my hands the golden ticket, the winning lottery, the thing I desired most in the world — a visa to America. Since then, life has gifted me many remarkable moments, but none have been as electrifying. I was a...

Rumi Poem: The Song of the Reed

Listen to the story of the reed As it laments the pain of separation: Since they have cut me from my reed bed My wails bring tears to both woman and man Those ripped away from their beloved know my song Having been cut from the source, they long to return In...

Poem by Anonymous: The only way to get drunk

You have opened your door to this ecstatic peasant Now I can drink the eternal wine From your divine cup I am the madman, Majnoon, in servitude to you, my Leili I have become free of both worlds So I can be your captive This fiery passion that lights the lovers’ eyes,...

Tahireh Poem: Song of Tahireh

If, per chance, I were to catch a glimpse of the radiance of your face my sorrows would have no choice but to stumble into the light The knife of our separation has cut me: tears of blood streams upon streams rivers upon rivers Not wanting to wait like lazarus in my...

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Drumming With Iraqi, Syrian and Afghan Refugees

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