In this moment, I am entwined

in the vine of love

In this moment I have abandoned care

for consequence

Oh humans, I’m no longer one of you

The bravest men won’t dare come near my heart

Mad men run away at the sight of my passion

I make love to death

Nothingness is my companion

Even cleverness is upset with me

It tried to frighten me, it misjudged its opponent

I accept I am a prisoner of this world

But I am here, the prison is there

Tell me, whose belongings have I stolen?

Come live where I reside

My home is beyond In o Aan*

What need have I for a mind?

I have destroyed my

thoughts and burnt my worries

Something Other has my attention

What need have I for a heart?

Blood of the Beloved

is running through my veins

I am life itself



“In o aan” is the Persian phrase for “this and that” nonsense we keep inside.