Dance for Freedom

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We’re organizing a global day of Dance for Freedom. Let our bodies dance for those who are not allowed to dance just as our voices amplify their cries for freedom. We’ll be supporting Iranian protesters in the largest women-led revolution in modern history as well as bringing attention to the intersectionality of social justice. There are many organizations and prominent dancers are joining us, including:

Iranian Dance Academy

Musical Ambassadors of Peace will bring attention to the plight of child soldiers who have recently been freed and are using the medium of dance as a way to rehabilitate and regain their childhood. We’ll also highlight the struggle of migrant children at the US-Mexico border.

Dance to Be Free will bring attention to the carceral system in the US

Kimerer LaMothe dancer & dance scholar featured in the new documentary, “Why We Dance”

Banafsheh Sayyad master sacred dancer, choreographer, and spiritual teacher

Parmida Ziaei dancer featured in Reuters for bringing attention to Iranian protesters

Feride Buyuran— Award-winning author, chef, and flamenco dancer

Shahrzad Khorsandi a pioneer in Iranian dance, choreographer, and author

Delsie Khadem-Ghaeini— dance teacher, activist, and educator

Chuyun Oh— author, researcher, choreographer, and dancer

Here’s how you can participate:

1. Record a 1-minute or shorter video of your own dance creation. Unlike the Islamic Republic, you have abundant freedom on how to proceed—solo or group, with your choice of music & style. Surprise us! Just keep in mind that people are livid and grieving in Iran and would appreciate that which will reflect their mood. Feel free to do a longer piece in case the press would like to feature it.

2. Preface your video by saying the words, “Woman Life Freedom” 

3. Caption your video with these words: Hello from [your location]. Dancing is illegal in Iran. I dance for Iranian protesters who are risking their lives for freedom. Optional sentence—I also dance for [insert your own cause].

3. Use hashtags #DanceForHer #DanceForThem #DanceForFreedom #WomanLifeFreedom

4. Help spread the word and share this page. We want toddlers, professors, farm workers, garbage collectors, politicians, nuns, and everyone else to participate. We’re especially looking for indigenous dancers from different cultures.

5. Post on Feb 10th and tag @rumiwithaview on Instagram and @rumiwithview on Twitter

That’s it! 

*If you’re looking for choreography or inspiration for your dance piece, check out this website. There are two free dance tutorials, inspired by the Grammy nominee Shervin Hajipour’s song, Baraye:

*Need more time? No problem! Feb 10th will serve as a springboard to generate engagement throughout the year. Feel free to share your videos when they’re ready. Your post will inspire others to do the same!

Let us know if you have any questions. We’re looking forward to your creation 🙏🏾