Dance for Freedom

Angela Zoumplis in Antarctica supports Dance for Freedom ⬆️

Did you know dancing is illegal in Iran? A group of teens was reportedly arrested by the morality police and a young couple was recently sentenced to 10 1/2 years of prison. Their crime? Dancing.

In their honor and for all Iranian protesters, dancivists from 7 continents continue to join Dance for Freedom, a movement that’s now viral on social media. Thousands of people from all countries and backgrounds are posting videos of themselves, their bodies dancing for those who are not allowed to dance just as their voices amplify cries for freedom.

Here’s a partial list of participants:

Musical Ambassadors of Peace 

Dance to Be Free 

Movement is Medicine

Energia Entertainment

The Heartland Collective

One Billion Rising

Nurjahan Boulden

Kimerer LaMothe

Banafsheh Sayyad

Romanna Raghse Eshgh

Parmida Ziaei

Chuyun Oh

Here’s how you can participate:

1. Record a 1-minute or shorter video of your own dance creation. Unlike the Islamic Republic, you have abundant freedom on how to proceed—solo or group, with your choice of music & style. Surprise us!

2. Caption your video with these words: Hello from [your location]. Dancing is illegal in Iran. I dance for Iranian protesters who are risking their lives for freedom. Optional sentence—I also dance for [insert your own cause]. (We’re happy to highlight the interconnectedness of social justice causes.)

3. Use hashtags #DanceForThem #DanceForFreedom #WomanLifeFreedom #EkbatanGirls #AstiyazhHaghighi #AmirMohammadAhmadi #MortezaHitman #mahsaamini #مهسا_امینی

4. Post on social media and tag @rumiwithaview on Instagram/TikTok and @rumiwithview on Twitter.

5. Help spread the word. We want senior citizens, farm workers, garbage collectors, and everyone else to participate⭐️ Ask your legislators to dance for Iran and back the gesture by:

*Fast-tracking bringing Iranian refugees to the US as they have done with Ukrainian refugees (worldwide)

*Advocating for the release of dancers, artists, and other political prisoners in Iran

That’s it! 

Need Inspiration? Check out these clips:

Dancing in the Streets

A Video to Watch Over and Over

Couples Dancing

Dancers in Nature

Dancing Unselfcounsciously

She was Imprisoned for Dancing

Dancing in Unlikely Places

Ekbatan Girls Defying the Morality Police

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