Dancing With Refugees

As a Musical Ambassador of Peace, Ari has designed a specific program for refugee populations and uses evidence-based techniques to cultivate resilience through movement, music, and laughter. She has danced with thousands of displaced souls—from Syrian and Iraqi girls rescued from ISIS enslavement to Afghan women escaping the Taliban to Central American kids who were separated at the border or had to travel to the US on their own. 

The pandemic hasn’t slowed down the sessions. Since the spring of 2020, per the request of asylum seekers, Ari has been holding weekly dance sessions via Zoom to keep her connection with refugees stuck in Mexico. Since 2021 she has danced in person with refugees living in Mexico-based shelters, unaccompanied Central American children at San Diego Convention Center, and Haitians and Afghans who have recently landed in Mexico or San Diego. In 2022 she danced with Ukrainian refugees in London alongside Shirin Amani Azari, a psychotherapist specializing in working with victims of torture and war. ⭐️

Due to the program’s success, Ari now provides customized Resilience through Joy workshops to educational & healthcare institutions, nonprofits, and corporations. Her approach has garnered international attention including that of researchers at UCSD and Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development in Germany.

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Dancing with Refugee Kids from Different Parts of the World

Dancing with Ukrainian Refugees in London (Spring 2022)

Dancing with Asylum Seekers in Tijuana (Winter 2021)

Dancing with Recent Haitian Refugees (Fall 2021)

Mexicali Migrant Shelter (El Dia de Los Muertos 2021)

CNN Espanol

ABC 10

Ari connects with unaccompanied migrant kids at the San Diego convention center through dance

NBC San Diego

After a dance session with unaccompanied minors at the Convention Center

CBS San Diego

Besides wellbeing support through music, Musical Ambassadors of Peace, donates money, hygiene products, clothes, and food to shelters hosting asylum seekers. With the help of a matching fund through Healing Hands and other donors, we raised over $100,000 in 2021/2022/2023. Because of this donor support, we have overseen projects that foster a healing environment for migrant children and their families in several shelters in Mexico. For the latest videos and news of the Central America sessions, please follow Ari on Instagram.

Migrant Shelter, Tijuana, Mexico

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