Dancing With Refugees

As a Musical Ambassador of Peace, Ari facilitates drum and dance sessions for refugees and asylum seekers in California and Mexico. For the past year, she has been holding dance sessions via Zoom to keep her connection with asylum seekers stuck in Mexico during the pandemic. Gente Unida and Musical Ambassadors of Peace have united to bring more dancing to families at Mexico shelters and unaccompanied migrant children at the San Diego Convention Center.

5/1/2021 ABC 10:

Ari connects with unaccompanied migrant kids at the San Diego convention center through dance

3/27/21 NBC San Diego:

4/20/2021: After a dance session

CBS San Diego:

News from CBS Channel 8

Besides wellbeing support through music, Musical Ambassadors of Peace, donates money, hygiene products, clothes, and food to shelters hosting asylum seekers. Gente Unida with a matching fund through Healing Hands has raised over $10,000 this year. Because of this donor support, we have overseen projects that foster a healing environment for migrant children and their families in several shelters in Mexico. For the latest videos and news of the Central America sessions, please follow Ari on Instagram.

Migrant Shelter, Tijuana, Mexico

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