TEDX SDSU Presents

WHEN SAVORING A PLEASANT MOMENT IS A RADICAL ACT Scan the code above to purchase tickets⬆️ In this TED talk, Ari Honarvar will explore how practicing savoring pleasant moments is not only good for mental health and resilience but is a radical act of resistance against oppressive forces in our lives.    


Awakin.org Event

I’ll be joining an Awakin.org event moderated by the renowned Rumi translator and author Haleh Liza Gafori. We’ll talk about my life’s work, poetry, and the power of savoring, among other topics. Past guests have included Frijtof Capra (author of Tao of Physics), Parker Palmer (founder of the Center for Courage and Renewal and legendary educator), Nobel […]


Resilience through Joy

Seattle Center

IACA invites you to attend the 17th Annual Seattle Iranian Festival on June 24th at the Seattle Center from 12 - 6 PM. The theme of this year’s festival is RESILIENCY. In partnership with SISCA,  Peyvand, and Alefba, all organizations are contributing to the Festival’s programming! We hope you can join us in the community […]

Living Joyfully: A Radical Act of Resistance

Join us this Sunday at the Summit Unitarian Universalist Fellowship with the speaker Ari Honarvar who was a child in Iran when the newly minted Islamic Republic began its war on joy. The Morality Police cracked down on women’s rights, and music and dancing became illegal. For them, the most radical act of resistance in […]

MAP Fundraiser for Asylum Seekers

Once every so often I take off my dancing shoes and put on my fundraising hat to help provide food and essential supplies for refugee families I dance with. We never go empty-handed across the border to dance and with your help, we’ll buy food and essential supplies for 300 asylum seekers living in limbo. […]

Dance for Freedom

Even a year after Mahsa Amini's death, protesters in Iran persist in their resistance against the regime and their morality police, with Iranian women at the forefront, bravely leading the charge. They are singing, dancing, and defying the hijab laws in public and we’re here to support them. People from all 7 continents have become […]

Joy Reclaimed Summit

Join me and 25 other speakers on October 2- 27 for a free event that’ll bring fresh insights and tools to tackle your next big shift. This summit’s presenters will share their expertise in areas where you might be facing struggles, including: Communication frustrations. Perimenopause confusion. Financial uncertainties. Unsatisfying sex life. I’ll be kicking off the […]

Hafez Day

Hafez is the only poet who gets their own holiday! So join a diverse slate of fine San Diego poets paying homage and celebrating the 4th annual Hafez Day in San Diego while using verse as an avenue for peace and international connection. Space is limited so reserve your seat here. Growing up in Shiraz, Hafez’s hometown, I recited his poetry […]

Inner Renewal One-day Retreat

Inner Renewal Learning the Effortless Dance of Joy and Stillness A One-day Retreat Facilitated by Ari Honarvar & Paméla Overeynder Please join us in a one-day workshop blending Ari’s work, Resilience through Joy with Paméla's work, Resting in Stillness. A message from the Facilitators: We are both interested in how trauma, both individually and collectively […]


Resilience through Joy

Austin Texas Austin, TX

Learning the Effortless Dance of Joy and Stillness A One-day Retreat Facilitated by Ari Honarvar Please join us in a one-day workshop where we'll explore joy as a sustainable fuel for flourishing in hard times and stillness as a portal into our intuitive inner guidance. This work is urgently needed as we face individual & […]