Joy Reclaimed Summit

Join me and 25 other speakers on October 2- 27 for a free event that’ll bring fresh insights and tools to tackle your next big shift. This summit’s presenters will share their expertise in areas where you might be facing struggles, including: Communication frustrations. Perimenopause confusion. Financial uncertainties. Unsatisfying sex life. I’ll be kicking off the […]

Hafez Day

Hafez is the only poet who gets their own holiday! So join a diverse slate of fine San Diego poets paying homage and celebrating the 4th annual Hafez Day in San Diego while using verse as an avenue for peace and international connection. Space is limited so reserve your seat here. Growing up in Shiraz, Hafez’s hometown, I recited his poetry […]

Inner Renewal One-day Retreat

Inner Renewal Learning the Effortless Dance of Joy and Stillness A One-day Retreat Facilitated by Ari Honarvar & Paméla Overeynder Please join us in a one-day workshop blending Ari’s work, Resilience through Joy with Paméla's work, Resting in Stillness. A message from the Facilitators: We are both interested in how trauma, both individually and collectively […]


Resilience through Joy

Austin Texas Austin, TX

Learning the Effortless Dance of Joy and Stillness A One-day Retreat Facilitated by Ari Honarvar Please join us in a one-day workshop where we'll explore joy as a sustainable fuel for flourishing in hard times and stillness as a portal into our intuitive inner guidance. This work is urgently needed as we face individual & […]


International Women of Poetry

Ukrainian-born poet, Jane Yevgenia Muschenetz, will lead an "International Women of Poetry" workshop along with fellow award-winning writers Ari Honarvar, winner of the Nautilus Book Award for A Girl Called Rumi, Leonora Simonovis, Professor of Latin American and Caribbean Literature at USD, and Katie Manning, editor-in-chief of Whale Road Review and Professor of Writing at PLNU. The workshop will focus […]

Transforming our Inner Garden

We’ve all heard the adage “We are What We Eat,” but in this talk, we’ll explore the concept, “We are What We Feed.” From both a mystical and neuroscience perspective, the actions and qualities we nurture and cultivate within ourselves are akin to plants in our inner garden. Those we water and feed are the […]

Quaker Easter Program

Ari Honarvar is the author of "A Girl Called Rumi," a highly acclaimed novel that channels her experiences growing up in post-revolution Iran where joy was systematically repressed but never completely eliminated.

Transformation through Ease, Joy, and Imagination

The practice of peace has many expressions. An outcome of each practice is transformation. Ari Honarvar has been witnessing transformation as an ambassador of peace through the arts for many years. Ari joins us for our April Global Connections call to share an immersive experience and conversation that uplifts the joy-based practices of music, movement, dance, and story. To learn more about […]

Deep Rest Reset Retreat

Austin Texas Austin, TX

Please join us for another installment of Resilience through Joy—a one-day retreat dedicated to deep rest, rejuvination, and a reset. We look forward to a day of vitality and healing through joyful receptive and active rest while bolstering our immunity and nervous systems. Silence About Resilience through Joy This program is designed with a trauma-aware […]


Coffee and Conversation

The Dance of Art, Words, and Imagination with Ari Honarvar In this interactive talk, Ari Honarvar will speak about the creative flow that lies in movement. She will delve into her childhood in post-revolution Iran where both literal movement and the outward expression of creative flow were severely restricted. When she was six, women were abruptly […]