Book Talk—Bosch&deJong brings Ari Honarvar to the Fenix Food Factory!

Visual artist, speaker, and award-winning author Ari Honarvar will be presenting her debut novel A Girl Called Rumi, talking about her work dancing with refugees to heal trauma, her project Drop Poems Not Bombs - which combines the poetry of Rumi with music - and more! After the event there is a signing session, but […]

Mission Valley Library: Book presentation + Music (Jun 11 2PM)

Join us for an afternoon of poetry, music, and fantastical storytelling. Award-winning author, Honarvar, weaves a tale of survival, immigration, and redemption, A GIRL CALLED RUMI is about an Iranian American's journey to find the only person who can help her unravel the secrets of the night that shattered her life: a childhood storyteller who […]

Joy at the Border, UCSD

This conference will bring together faculty and students from across the university's schools and departments to present cutting-edge research on international migration. The conference will include thematic panels presented by UCSD faculty and advanced graduate students, a discussion with local community organizations on research partnerships, and a discussion with policymakers on their engagement with academics.

Restorative Justice Retreat

The Resilience through Joy workshop is inspired by my own experience as a child refugee and years of dancing with refugees. We use evidence-based techniques to explore orienting towards what is pleasing in the moment through the portals of the imagination, the five senses, memory, drawing, and movement. This type of meditative exploration helps us become more […]


What to Expect When You’re Expecting (a Book!) Ever wonder what working with an editor is like? Have questions about how to navigate this relationship? This virtual workshop will feature writer-editor duo, Laura Stanfill and Ari Honavar sharing their experience working together and what made their partnership successful. This event is virtual. Click here to register in advance. […]

Lost in Translation—a Game of Telephone

Inspired in part by the current state of communication breakdown in our country, this exhibition examines the many ways we (mis)interpret or (mis)understand each other through a game of telephone with local artists and authors. The fascinating, touching and humorous interpretations that occur as words are rendered into images and back to words highlights how […]

TEDX SDSU Presents

WHEN SAVORING A PLEASANT MOMENT IS A RADICAL ACT Scan the code above to purchase tickets⬆️ In this TED talk, Ari Honarvar will explore how practicing savoring pleasant moments is not only good for mental health and resilience but is a radical act of resistance against oppressive forces in our lives.    

$20 Event

I’ll be joining an event moderated by the renowned Rumi translator and author Haleh Liza Gafori. We’ll talk about my life’s work, poetry, and the power of savoring, among other topics. Past guests have included Frijtof Capra (author of Tao of Physics), Parker Palmer (founder of the Center for Courage and Renewal and legendary educator), Nobel […]