First Aid for the Psyche

First-Aid for the Psyche is an interactive workshop that will offer participants tools and strategies to help them build the resilience that we all need. We’ll discuss everyday habits to increase resilience, practical awareness-building and self-soothing tools, simple approaches for supportive conversations, and strategies for disarming overwhelm. Our communities need service from all of us […]

Mystics Summit 2021

I’m honored to be among more than 40 scholars, teachers, contemporary mystics — including Anne Lamott, Mirabai Starr, Matthew Fox, Andrew Harvey, Krishna Das, and many others — as they impart lessons you can apply in these tumultuous times.  RSVP here for Mystics Summit — at no charge: Throughout this landmark summit, you’ll receive not only gems of […]


Amplifying the Voices of Unaccompanied Minors Virtual Conference

AMPLIFYING THE VOICES OF UNACCOMPANIED MINORS is an opportunity for teachers and school leaders to hear from those who have lived the experience of being unaccompanied minors in the American school system. PARTICIPANTS WILL ● Hear first-person accounts from people who have lived through the experience of being an unaccompanied minor. ● Hear about the […]


Developing a Sustainable Writing Practice Through Joy

What is pleasurable is sustainable. Often, when writers get stuck, it’s because the joy has evaporated. Unwelcomed anxiety about the future of the project, guilty feelings when not writing, or resentment about competing responsibilities, subsume the writer’s joy. In this 3-hour workshop, we’ll explore orienting toward what is pleasing in the moment through the channels […]


In Store Book Signing—Mysterious Galaxy

In-Store Event: Ari Honarvar This event will consist of a 30-minute discussion with the author followed by the book signing. Attending the Event?  With your purchase of BOOK, in the comments section at checkout please write “attending event.” When you come to the event your book will be on hold for you at the register. […]

Powell’s Books Presents Ari Honarvar in Conversation With Ashleigh Renard


Speakers Ari Honarvar is the founder of Rumi With A View, dedicated to building music and poetry bridges across war-torn and conflictridden borders. Her writing has appeared in The Guardian, Teen Vogue, Washington Post, and elsewhere. She is the author of the oracle card set and book, Rumi’s Gift. She lives in San Diego, where […]

Fall for the Book—Haunted Past

Three writers imagine how memory can reshape and haunt their current-day lives:   In M. Soledad Caballero’s poetry collection I Was a Bell, she explores the ripples from the primal moments in her childhood, split between countries, languages, and violence. Ari Honarvar’s novel A Girl Called Rumi follows Kimia, a spiritual advisor in California, facing the mysticism of her haunted past in […]


The Blue and Yellow Kitchen

Join me and author Ari Honarvar in The Blue and Yellow Kitchen as we celebrate her debut novel A Girl Called Rumi. Honarvar weaves two stories based in personal experience: Present-day adult Kimia must make the difficult decision to take her mother back to Iran after living in the U.S. for years. And Kimia the […]