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Coffee and Conversation

The Dance of Art, Words, and Imagination with Ari Honarvar In this interactive talk, Ari Honarvar will speak about the creative flow that lies in movement. She will delve into her childhood in post-revolution Iran where both literal movement and the outward expression of creative flow were severely restricted. When she was six, women were abruptly […]

Deep Rest Reset Retreat

Austin Texas Austin

Please join us for another installment of Resilience through Joy—a one-day retreat dedicated to deep rest, rejuvination, and a reset. We look forward to a day of vitality and healing through joyful receptive and active rest while bolstering our immunity and nervous systems. Silence About Resilience through Joy This program is designed with a trauma-aware […]


Transformation through Ease, Joy, and Imagination

The practice of peace has many expressions. An outcome of each practice is transformation. Ari Honarvar has been witnessing transformation as an ambassador of peace through the arts for many years. Ari joins us for our April Global Connections call to share an immersive experience and conversation that uplifts the joy-based practices of music, movement, dance, and story. To learn more about […]